30th December 2011

Greetings from Kenya

Participants in our Extraordinary Leadership Journeys get to work at Summit Schools in Kenya. Here’s an end of year report from co-founders James and Karen Ngugi.

2011 has been the longest year in our lives: the Leadership Journeys brought many blessings, some leaders sponsored orphans while others supported WellBoring. Teachers Sara and Joan will never be forgotten for the work they did in Summit on our first Teacher Exchange. We made many friends through our visit to the UK and the US which you kindly made possible.

When the heavy rains came in October we kept talking about the borehole. Previously at such times we used dirty water. The WellBoring borehole is a big miracle to us. It’s a wonderful gift. As a result of the water, our daughters supported us to erect a greenhouse. Right now we have tomatoes growing in it. A few areas are not yet complete because the plumber has been too busy at the end of the year.

Chris Doran visited us with his wife and decided to sponsor us on building a bio-gas plant which is complete and in use. Mike Manwaring and Ann held a two day seminar for our teachers in November. We are sure our teachers benefited a lot from the seminar. Three more primary school orphans were sponsored this year.

The ten secondary girls who were supported did very well. We are looking forward to the 2012 group. We just want thank you for these girls. The Teacher Support programme has worked out very well: we have been able to retain our teachers for the last three years God bless you.

The library development is almost complete: a few things need to be done, like ceiling boards, painting, furniture etc. Once again thank you, thank you we have no words in which to express our gratitude.

Greetings from Kenya

Greetings from Kenya

Posted by Nigel Linacre

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