3rd September 2018

“What about ME?!’’ – How to Deal with Disruptive People

We have all experienced how disruptive, even toxic, certain individuals can be – digging their heels in obstructively over an important issue, refusing to engage or become part of a team, actively...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th April 2018

3 sure ways to know if you’re in a 'Leadership' or a 'Management' Team

Everyone has their favoured definitions of leadership teams (strategic, vision, direction, resource allocation, seniority etc.) and management teams (tactical, implementation, process driven, getting...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

29th August 2017

Who do you think you are? And why does it matter?

Who do you spend most of your time thinking about? How much of your inner dialogue is taken up with reviewing what you said / what they said / what you and they will say / what they might think of...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

25th August 2017

Belron and Afrika Tikkun Paint the Township Purple

Belron and Afrika Tikkun go to paint a school purple, and discover that all you need is love... together they raise awareness and break the stigma against people with disability Here is a short video...

Posted by Jefferson Cann

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