Where there's a will there's a well


WellBoring introduce integrated water solutions to schools and communities in developing countries, providing a reliable and safe water supply to those who need it most. We fund and organise the development of water boreholes, pumps and pipes, and other supporting infrastructure.

WellBoring Vision

WellBoring contributes to the alleviation of poverty by enabling schools and communities in developing countries to access water by funding and organising the development of water boreholes, pumps and pipes, and supporting infrastructure, e.g. electricity generators.

WellBoring’s key values include responsibility, connection and volunteering: we’re responsible to our fellow men, women and children because we can respond; we are connected to one another; and it is up to us to volunteer ourselves, our efforts, there is no-one else.

Working with leaders of local schools and communities, Wellboring’s activities include identifying potential sites, assessing the sustainability, stewardship and community impact, commissioning hydro-geological surveys, obtaining drilling equipment, purchasing pumps, funding piping and back-up services including electricity generators, training in maintenance, and raising funds for all the above and may take an innovative to fundraising. Wellboring will inform its supporters of progress and provide opportunities for key supporters to engage further, e.g. visit sites.

The Trustees will ensure the organisation accomplishes its objectives and spends its funds as far as possible within developing countries and economically. Wellboring will work with volunteers where possible.

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