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WellBoring development

We take clients out of their comfort zone. Some of them have worked with us in Kenya and India. One of the results has been the provision of water solutions in Kenya via WellBoring, a charity we co-established. We think of it as life-changing leadership-in-action.

"I have long been convinced that one of the biggest assets a company can have, if it is to be enduringly successful, is a shared vision. The work you have done with us over the past few months has helped considerably in ensuring that the board has a consistent vision for the future of the company."

Chairman, Pharmaceuticals

WellBoring Development
Where there's a will there's a well

WellBoring introduce integrated water solutions to schools and communities in developing countries, providing a reliable and safe water supply to those who need it most. We fund and organise the development of water boreholes, pumps and pipes, and other supporting infrastructure...

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