The LeadNow! Programme


The LeadNow Event enables students to lead themselves, one another and groups. They discover they can lead, how they can lead, and when and where to lead. They more deeply understand their beliefs and how they relate.

Each subject is explored via stimulating presentations, experiential learnings, individual reflection and socialisation; enabling participants to develop their views. The structure is simple: after an introduction to leadership there are three modules: leading self, leading others and leading groups, and then a planning session.


The Programme

Day 1 AM: Introduction to Leadership

  • Introductions and ground-rules
  • Awareness and Connection 
  • What is Leadership? 
  • The ACT of Leadership
  • Leadership and Being


Day 1 PM: Self-Leadership

  • Exploring Personal Values 
  • “Flow” and “The Zone” 
  • Managing Interference 
  • Managing fear and tension
  • Purpose and Vision - Self
  • Time and performance
  • Circles of control, influence and concern
  • Implications for self and personal planning


Day 2: Leading Others

  • Our Thoughts Create our Lives
    • NLP Model
    • Red box/blue box
    • The leader’s ignorance and need for connection
    • Emotional intelligence (self-assessment exercise)
    • Parent-Adult-Child (Transactional Analysis) 
    • Coaching – using the GROW model
    • Handling conflict
      • The three forces
      • Differences of goals or strategy?
      • Non-violent Communication and OFNR
    • Communicating with GRACE
    • Vulnerability: Brene Brown 
    • Implications for self and personal planning


Day 3 AM: Leading Groups*

  • Psychological paradoxes of groups
  • Team formation: storming, norming, forming, performing
  • Followers make Leaders – The Social Psychology of Leadership 
  • Factors affecting team performance
  • Qualities of a High Performing Team 
  • Qualities of a High-Performing Organisation
  • “Awesome Purpose” for organisations


Day 3 PM: Making it Real*

  • Personal Leadership Planning 
    • Completing a personal 3-dimensional Leadership template
    • Individual and small group exercise
    • Future steps and expectations
    • The Alumni Group and sustainable development


*These are not included in the 2-day programme

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