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We don’t just work face-to-face. Our online programmes are part of our blend, augmenting the power of the face-to-face work and making true sustainable change possible. Click here for a complimentary experience.

We understand that leadership development is not an overnight fix but a journey and one which requires the organisation, participants and Extraordinary Leadership to work in partnership to deliver the right environment and input for learning. Extraordinary Leadership share this philosophy and have been a “true” partner investing in the development of our current and future leaders. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive with people often citing these programmes as the best they have ever attended.

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Lead-Direct.com Development
Leading Self

We say that all leadership begins with leading yourself - if you can't lead yourself, how can you lead others?  Effective self leadership is the necessary foundation for leadership in any other sphere. This section of the programme explores what self leadership is and how you can develop it by focusing on the three key requirements: Connecting deeply with your purpose - why are you doing what...

Leading Others

Leadership is not only about doing  - it is about enabling other people to do things, usually things that have not been done before.  This section provides you with the tools to lead others positively, with engagement and empowerment...

Leading Groups

We look at how you can create a "leadership brand" for yourself that enables other people to see and understand your most authentic, powerful self.  We finish with looking at how the elements of a strategic plan fit together - and suggest that you begin with developing a "strategic plan" for yourself...

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