The Extraordinary Personal Leadership Performance Plan


In sport, a professional sportsperson trains, clarifies personal aims and objectives, devises a strategic approach and game plan – plays – reviews performance with a coach (often with video evidence), trains, re-clarifies …

In business, an individual will play, play and play again with little or no training and nothing but the most cursory and subjective performance review. No wonder that the same issues come up again and again …


Continued Support for Continued Improvement ...

You've probably been involved in personal development, team development and leadership development programmes before ... and yet ... you still find yourself behaving in ways that you wish you wouldn't, in ways that leave a vague feeling of having let yourself and others down ... but hey, you can't teach an old dog new tricks ... or can you?

Our Extraordinary Personal Leadership Plan is for senior, experienced leaders who know who they are and who they want to be. You are likely to have experienced personal leadership coaching and other advanced development programmes. But you know from your own experience that you need the continued support of a leadership performance coach to keep you focused on achieving the personal and professional goals they have set for themselves – just as with any professional sportsperson.

The Method

Within the framework of our 3 Dimensional Leadership Model, this highly personalized programme provides each leader with access to the UpaGear online performance planning tool, which ensures clarity, focus, transparency and engagement. It has three components:

  • The Framework for Action (F4A), which crystallises the benefits of past experience, develops new, liberating personal paradigms and clarifies annual, quarterly and monthly personal goals.
  • The U-Online planning and monitoring tool, which holds the F4A on line for access by the leader and their coach for 24/7 updates and appraisals of performance.
  • Monthly On Track performance reviews and coaching sessions

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