12th January 2016

What is the Global Leadership Journey?


Every act of leadership is a statement of who you are. Leadership development is not about skills, it’s a matter of being different in a way that is unique to you. When you are able to really be yourself you will be inspirational. The same applies for your colleagues.

An Incredible Experience

The Global Leadership Journey is an incredible experience. You can hear previous participants talking at our Facebook group page. Participants must be in good health and are advised to approach their medical centre to ensure they have taken appropriate precautions. Participants organise their own travel and medical insurance and cover once the journey is confirmed, usually 2-3 months beforehand.

Participants will have at least one coaching session in advance of travelling and at least one coaching session after the journey, as well as informal sessions during the journey itself.

Extraordinary Leadership will organise all in-country accommodation, food and transport for the duration of the Journey, including pick up from the airport and return to the airport at the end of the Journey. Visas can be organised on arrival at the airport and cost around $20.

For those travelling from London, the BA Flight is usually takes off from Terminal 5 around 10am on the date of departure, which is usually a Saturday. We usually stay at the Blue Post Hotel, near Thika, north of Nairobi, in Central Kenya. Much of the activity centres in and near the Summit Schools. You’ll find images of both online.

Participants are expected to discover something of what they can contribute while they are there, and indeed following their return. Room, breakfast and dinner is organised there from Saturday night through to Thursday morning.  During working dinners we explore the way we have led ourselves. You may be able to visit other schools and institutions in the area. We usually have the use of a 9-seater minibus throughout the journey.

Many lives have been affected by the Journeys. Participants often support orphans. And WellBoring has made a big difference at Summit and beyond. Participants are free to return on the Thursday evening, may join additional optional activities that are not included within the Journey itself, or organise their own.  Any expenses associated with staying on longer are not included in the cost of the Journey.

Immediately after the Journey, LeadNow may run a leadership event on the Friday and Saturday. LeadNow is a social enterprise of Extraordinary Leadership. 

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