30th January 2013

Summit Schools and the Leadership Journey

Last week’s Extraordinary Leadership Journey was the first in 18 months. Facilitators Jefferson Cann and Nigel Linacre were delighted to see that so much progress has been made at Summit Schools.

The participants ran classes, created a seamless sports event for 200 students, and worked with the teachers, developing mutual awareness and connection, all of which was much appreciated. At the same time, the participants were able to develop themselves as leaders in real situations. During the week, we gave a second Leadership Workshop at Mount Kenya University, Thika, which was co-facilitated by Richard Bolden. Along the way, participants used part of their baggage allowance to ship scores of school uniforms to another school in Kenya too.

Though the future remains precarious Summit Schools is in good health. Crucially, the borehole provided by WellBoring with notable support via eBay and Shipley, provides water security. More than that, it provides a springboard for more and less obvious innovations, like a huge greenhouse and a fish lake, both of which will provide nutrition for the 200+ students and teachers.

The many participants in the Extraordinary Leadership Journey who sponsor pupils make a life-changing difference to orphans, and the Bursary scheme introduced by Extraordinary Leadership enables more poor pupils to get a good education. The XLL Educational Trust formed with Livewire organises the funds. The library has been refurbished with a smooth dust-free floor and glass windows to protect the books. Student numbers are now on the increase.

James and Karen Ngugi have started the next phase of expansion. Classrooms built of stone with a ground, first and second floor. Last week’s Extraordinary Leadership Journey participants were able to view the start of this work: a marked out wall and a single row of stones high. We are going to support the expansion and hope to raise the funds for at least one new classroom.

It’s now four years since we started working with Summit Schools. While next month’s Kenyan elections cast a shadow, there are grounds for optimism, and certainly rejoicing. We are privileged to be part of this transformation. More at

Summit Schools' New Fish Lake

Summit Schools' New Fish Lake

Posted by Nigel Linacre

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