30th January 2013

Leadership Development in Kibera

January's Extraordinary Leadership Journey concluded in Kibera, home to over a million people, and Kenya’s largest slum.

There we had the opportunity to work with young Kiberans, who are themselves working to transform Kibera, thanks to the Human Needs Project. Working with facilitators Martine Kappel, we ran a self-leadership workshop for these young leaders, many of whom have already overcome huge challenges.

As well as helping young Kiberans develop themselves as leaders, the Human Needs Project is creating a Community Centre in the middle of Kibera, which will sit on top of a borehole, and will contribute to the transformation we all seek. We hope to visit again.

Kiberans and Journeyers after the Workshop

Kiberans and Journeyers after the Workshop

Posted by Nigel Linacre

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