30th October 2012

Executives in Africa Leadership Stretch

In 2013 a dozen western executives will work in rural Kenyan schools for a week as part of their leadership journey. "This will enable them to access dimensions of their being that are inaccessible in ordinary environments", says Jefferson Cann, co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership. 

Speaking at the International Leadership Association Conference in Denver, Colorado on 25th October, Nigel Linacre of Extraordinary Leadership said "All our income from 2013's Extraordinary Leadership Journeys will go to local Kenyan schools and to Well Boring, a charity we co-established. We will donate our time throughout".

This unique Journey enables executives to realise more of their potential and connect with and contribute to far away communities in the same breath. "We think the inner journey and the outer journey are intimately connected, nothing else makes sense", adds Nigel Linacre. 

2013's Extraordinary Leadership Journeys will work at the Summit Schools in Maragua, north of Thika in central Kenya, in January, June and October. Each participant will be coached throughout this life-changing and leadership-affirming unique experience. As well as working with the local community, leaders will be challenged to discover the difference they can make. "We're happy to hear from leaders who are interested in something very different", adds Jefferson.

Posted by Nigel Linacre

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