29th March 2016

A world-leading example of true empowerment

Nigel and I have just returned from another Extraordinary Leadership Journey to Johannesburg with a management team from Belron Canada, hosted by Afrika Tikkun. The empowerment programme for mothers of disabled children run by Afrika Tikkun, headed by Jean Elphick, is world-leading and typifies their work ...

From cowering in their township shacks or houses, stigmatised and ashamed of their disabled children, depressed and suicidal, these mothers have been empowered to create a social movement that heals and educates themselves, their children and their communities through self-generated actions. The symbol of this transformation is the painting of their houses purple, which brings more mothers out of hiding ... Having liberated themselves, they are now enabling women in different areas and townships to start their own groups. 

A wonderful example of "healing" in the broader sense that shows how the love and power of human potential can be liberated whatever the circumstances ...

This video was made by Afrika Tikkun on the final day of our journey, when we helped the mothers paint a building purple - the colour of their movement.  It contains interviews with members of the Belron Canada team as well as from Nigel and Jefferson


Purple - the colour of empowerment!

Posted by Jefferson Cann

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