1st November 2011

A New Map of Leadership

The information age calls for leadership to be distributed within organisations. An abundance of information requires local leadership and decision-making. We want to make it easier for people to develop themselves as leaders, so we have created a simple model.

We say leaders act in space and time, which describes three dimensions of leadership. Spatially, we lead our-self, work via a team and we affect a world beyond ourselves. We believe all three levels are important: if you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead others, and the whole point of the leader and team is to affect something else. Temporally, leaders focus on what is happening now, along a path, to an – as yet – unrealised future, and these three are obviously related too.

How do leaders lead? They are aware, since without awareness nothing happens, they connect and they transform. The quality of their awareness and connection determines the quality of the transformation they achieve - the quality of their leadership.  So the act of leadership gives us the powerful acronym “ACT”. And you can now begin to think about leadership is a modular way:

  • How do you lead yourself, your team, and affect your world?
  • How well do you connect with the present, how much time do you spend focused on the path, and what is your future vision?
  • How aware are you, how well do you connect, and what are you transforming?

View the video at and read An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership via . We think this will make a difference to leadership development. We look forward to your feedback. 

Posted by Nigel Linacre

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